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Naviance – Parents and school-going students at most times find career planning a daunting task. Then there are some parents who do not make any concrete plans, and later rue their indecision. The perfect time to prepare and analyse about college and career planning should begin while the child is studying in high school. According to experts, this is the right age to sort out career planning and do what is needed to fulfil them. At the present day, there are many career options which can easily perplex both the parents and the students. In most occasions, the focus can change randomly. But the planning should commence in high school stage to secure a better future.. Schools worldwide are now using the services of the Naviance software. Naviance is a college and career readiness software provider.

An overview of Naviance

Students can make use of the Naviance software and make concrete decisions about their future colleges and careers. The software provides up-to-date information regarding different colleges and career options. Naviance or Family Connection by Naviance works with high schools and K-12 institutions to help the students. The services of Naviance are not accessible individually, the functions of Naviance is only usable by schools. So far, those who are using the Naviance cps system have got a great deal of help. The web-based software Naviance is ideal for the students studying in grades 6 to grades 12. Naviance is also a data collection tool which helps the school staff and administrators to analyse various aspects which can shape up the career of their students.

The exclusive features of Naviance

Parents and students accessing the connection Naviance website can get a variety of information. Here, we highlight the sections that are going to help the students.

  • Colleges: You can find comprehensive information about different colleges and universities. Additionally, information on scattergrams with data points is also present. Generally, the scores of the school student will find its place in the Naviance student account. Now, the student or their parents can track information about the best colleges. The results will depend on your scores; therefore, you are always going to find the best college for higher studies based on the student’s merit.
  • Scholarship information: Talented students looking for scholarship information will benefit a great deal using the Naviance software. Here, you will find information on both local and national scholarships.
  • Advanced help for the seniors: For those who did not have the privilege to use the services of the Naviance software and are currently at the brink of their high school can also get help. There are some sections which can help them to request the teachers for letters of recommendations, application features, and transcripts of many colleges. Furthermore, the home page of the Naviance website has a link “Document Library”. From here, information on letters of recommendation can be found. Naviance updates this section depending on the current school sessions.
  • Careers: As already mentioned before, students can now access a wide range of career opportunities using the Naviance tool.
  • About Me: Naviance understands students need to use the resume builder quite early in their career. Gradually, they learn to write the perfect resumes which feature the critical achievements of their school life. Naviance has a plethora of resume builders that are going to help the students in building an ideal portfolio.

The advantages of using Naviance

The importance of the Naviance services is to help as many students it can to choose the right career for their future education and building their jobs. In a nutshell, let us take a look at the advantages of using the Naviance software:

  • Naviance helps students and their parents to make self-discoveries and access various inventories.
  • Naviance is the best platform with the help of which a student can perform career exploration.
  • Even the students studying at the sixth grade can prepare and plan for their future colleges and career options.
  • The vast resources of Naviance help the students to set up a proper academic planning.
  • At any point, the students can request transcripts from the seniors.
  • The resume builder is the perfect tool for the students. They learn to create the ideal resume which becomes very useful at a later point.
  • Additionally, Naviance has a host of tools which students can use for enhancing their time management, study skills, and decision making.

The Naviance sign-in procedure

  • For signing in to your Naviance account click here,
  • Now, you can enter the login credentials (usually the password is going to be letters, and the remaining will be your student number).
  • For those, who do not have the credentials for signing in to Naviance should request for the registration code from the school counsellor.
  • After getting the registration code, they need to click the link mentioned above and click on “I Need to Register”; the option is present under the “I am new here” tab.
  • You can enter the e-mail account you use frequently and then type a password.
  • Next, read the terms of the website and accept them. Clicking on “complete registration” should finish the task.

Services on offer by Naviance

Naviance firmly believes they have undertaken a considerable responsibility of setting up the career path for the students. The software for the sake of career and college planning needs a proper implementation. Therefore, the Naviance team aims to partner with every student for ensuring the path of success. Here, we take a look at the various services Naviance has to offer:

  • Professional Development: Naviance has designed out-of-the-box courses for the sake of counsellors, teachers, administrators and principals. With the help of these courses, the pioneers of educational institutions will understand the importance of the Naviance tool. The person in charge of handling the students can now use the knowledge correctly which can pave the paths of success for the students.
  • Consulting Services: Those who are new at using the Naviance software may find some difficulties in the initial period. The consulting services of Naviance are ready to help schools and colleges in building the perfect strategy. Additionally, the schools will now be able to define the capacity for success and fetch all the information data necessary for accomplishment. Naviance uses a five-phase method for implementing their consulting services. Ultimately, the school will become successful in their endeavours.
  • Strategic Consulting: The strategic consultation services of Naviance execute a series of strategies for helping the schools in reaching their goals. These services include the following:
    • KPI Development: This refers to the Develop Key Performance Indicators and Outcomes. When schools use Naviance, the strategy above will thoroughly help them to track the progress and suggest improvements.
    • Scope and Sequence Development: Naviance believes in developing a holistic range and sequence strategy for various college and career readiness activities. This strategy is going to help the students in shaping up their career perfectly.
    • Curriculum Customization: No student is identical. Therefore, Naviance implements the right strategies to customise the course according to the requirements of the student. These strategies will have a long-term benefit for making them ready for the future.
    • Metrics and Reporting: It is not only about implementation. There should be a tool for assessing the success rate of the strategies. Analyzing the progress report, Naviance can suggest the changes necessary to enhance the learning curve.
    • Implementation Services: Naviance has consultants for implementing the services. The implementation can either be done by always keeping in touch with real-time school activities or via phone and web conferences. Understandably, the implementation plans will differ from one school to the other. For this, the Naviance consultant will design a suitable method that ideally fits the requirements of the school. Various implementations can be taken up that include assessment, account setup, data import, district level functionality, Naviance student set up and rollout, professional development, Naviance eDocs implementation, course planner implementation, and additional communication and support.

Naviance Solutions

Naviance extends solutions and support for the middle schools, high schools, districts, higher education, parents/students, and states. Let us look at some of the critical points.

Middle School: Naviace offers help for the middle school students to instil confidence in them. Thus, when they reach high school, their preparation is already done. This course of action is essential in the present scenario. Studies are highlighting a significant rate of decline in student engagement between the middle and high school. Naviance effectively bridges this gap.

High School: This is a crucial juncture in the life of every student. If the students lack motivation at this stage, they are going to ruin their career. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of their activities. At the same time, the high school students need to acquaint themselves with various ways to set up a bright future. So, Naviance again plays an important role here.

Districts: The action plan of Naviance is not limited to only a select few schools. In fact, it works with district schools as well. The career readiness program implementation is done rather early. This program helps the students to focus on their future goals. Ultimately, when they become high school graduates, they know what to do next. Naviance works by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the students and accordingly sets up the career plans for them.

Higher Education Institutions: Everyone is aware of the intense competition between various schools to help their students achieve the best institution for higher studies. However, this requires a lot of preparation. Till date, more than 7 million students using the Naviance services have found the services to be their pathfinder. Naviance provides exhaustive details about the best colleges which makes it easier for students to locate their preferable colleges.

Naviance Parents and Students: When the career of the students is set, the joys of the parents are unbound. In some cases, the parents take the initiative for readying their children. Naviance offers a separate login account for the sake of the parents. Those who are not aware of how to login can ask for the same from the school authorities mentioning the name of the student. Naviance will send the login credentials, and the parents will be able to view the college and career planning readiness programs.

States: United States state governments have made it obligatory for the K-12 schools to provide college and career readiness programs for students. Naviance is the most chosen platform in the entire US states. Stats reveal, almost 40% of the high schools in the US region have chosen Naviance. The achievement speaks a lot about the functionality and effectiveness of the Naviance platform. The services of Naviance are now crossing the boundaries of the country on a regular basis as other countries also want to provide their students with this attractive platform.

About Naviance Inc.

At present, you will seldom find a better college and career readiness platform than Naviance. The company began its journey from Washington D.C. in the year 2002. According to the company, more than 7 million students are using the software. Additionally, the services of Naviance are in use in over 8.500 schools worldwide. Approximately 100 countries of the world are now using Naviance for setting up the career readiness platform for the students.

In the year 2007, Naviance was acquired by the Hobsons Company. This acquisition further enhanced the services of Naviance as Hobsons is also a technology company working in the field of education. In the year 2011, the efforts of Naviance found due recognition. The company’s name was included in District Administration magazine’s Reader’s Choice Top 100 Products list.

Naviance Inc. is continually determining ways to improve the college and readiness initiatives further. It will hardly come as a surprise if we witness a significant upsurge of using the Naviance tools in all the leading schools of USA.

Naviance Contact or Support Details

Schools all across the globe, after learning about the comprehensive services of the Naviance software, can have specific queries. For your convenience, the contact detail of Naviance is mentioned below:

For all general inquiries, call Naviance at

866-337-0080 (toll-free) and +1-513-891-5444 (international). The customer support is available from 8am-7pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Alternatively, if you are an existing user of Naviance and are encountering issues with the software, you can send an e-mail to

Naviance Address

You can get in touch with Naviance Inc. at the following address:

3033 Wilson Blvd # 500,

Arlington, VA 22201, USA.